Limited Stay Visa Index C313

e-Visa index C314 is a single entry visa purpose for foreigners who will carry out activities in Indonesia as investors. The holder of this e-Visa is not allowed to work in Indonesia. This e-visa is the entry permit but not the staying permit. As soon as you enter Indonesian territory, you are required to register at a local Immigration Office within a maximum of 30 days to obtain the Kitas. The Kitas is a multiple entry stay permit that is valid for 1 (one) years from arrival date (extendible).

Requirements for e-visa index C313 application are as follow (all documents scanned in color):

  1. Passport (data page + front cover), validity minimum 18months.
  2. PMA documents (Deed of Establishment, Legalization of Ministry of Law & Human Rights, NPWP, NIB, Certificate Standard, Company profile), head letter of the company.
  3. KTP/Passport of the director of the PMA.
  4. The latest bank statement PMA/applicant.
  5. Color photograph.
  6. Information concerning address in Indonesia.

Requirements for Kitas application are as follow:

  1. Original Passport.
  2. Copy e-visa C313, the proof of payment and the visa sticker.
  3. PMA documents, head letter of the company.
  4. Copy KTP/Passport of the director of the PMA.

Process time:

  • Evisa application: 7-15 days.
  • Kitas application: 10-20 days.

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