Visa index E33F

This e-visa index E33F (previeus C319).

Requirements for kitas retirement application:

  1. Original Passport.
  2. Bank statement, proof of fund of minimum USD 3.000 or equivalent.
  3. Proof of accomodation, copy ID card of landlord.
  4. Proof of having insurance (life and health insurance)
  5. Copy ID card of worker.
  6. Proof of having income minimum equivalent USD 3.000 proved by the latest 3 months bank statement.

Process time:

        Evisa E33F application: 7-15 days.
Kitas application: 20-30 days

This type of visa is not suitable for work, if you intend to work in Indonesia, you will need to apply for the e-Visa index E23.

Below the comparation between retirement and second home kitas.

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