Property Maintenance

Electricity bill (PLN)

There are two different kinds of payments for electric bills. One is a top up system and the other is a monthly payment plan. They can be paid by e-banking or at the post office, most corner store, and select supermarkets. 

water bill (pdam)

The water company do not have a top up payment system.
The water bill will be paid every month according to the previous month’s consumption. Payment can be by e-banking, atm, post, corner store, supermarkets or directly to the PDAM company.

cleaning service

The weather in Indonesia is very humid which can cause things to rust and mold very quickly, like cupboards, iron tools, leather chairs, etc. Also dust and spider webs accumulate quickly if the home is not attended to regularly. 

JASA EKA with the cleaning service team is happy to solve this problem. We offer cleaning service for your property, starting from IDR 500.000 per month. Our service area is Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. Please fill in the form below to apply for this service.

Regular cleaning; similar to maid service.
This service is usefull because you will pay less than cost of recruiting household helpers. No need to be worried about your property, just rilex and leave your property with us. We will keep your place maintained, clean and tidy, so you will have no stresses over worrying about your property.