KTP For Foreigner


Process as follows: Apply for a KK. After KK is ready, you will need to visit the registry office for biometric process. KTP will be ready 4 working days after photo and fingerprint been taken.

KTP for non Indonesians

Foreigners who hold a permanent stay permit is eligible to apply for an ID card it called a KTP.  The validity period of the KTP shall be adjusted to the validity period of the Permanent Stay Permit.
As foreigners, you will have many benefits when you have one such us: 
1. Lower price for medical care
2. Bank account
3. Property on your name (HGB/Hak Pakai)
4. Buying a Car/Motorcycle on your name

1. Passport
2. Documents from banjar (chef of local community)
3. Kitap
4. Police registration
5. ID card + KK of sponsor
6. Previous SKTT (if you have)