traveling to Indonesia during covid 19

frequent ask questions:

  1. What visas are currently available and how to get them / what valid visa/stay permits can enter Indonesia at this moment?
    * According to regulation (permenkumham) number 26 year 2020, You can apply for the visa with the following index B211A, C311, C312, C313, C314, C317 and C319. You can find more information about the purpose for those visa in our web The applicant cannot apply by them self, it must be done by the sponsor. The sponsor is a company which is registered by Directorate General of Immigration.
    * Holders of the following visas are allowed to enter:
    1. Official visa.
    2. Diplomatic visa.
    3. Visitor visa.
    4. Temporary Stay visa.
    5. Official Stay Permit.
    6. Diplomatic Stay Permit.
    7. Temporary Stay Permit.
    8. Permanent Stay Permit.
    9. Crew member arriving by their transports.
    10. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card.
    11. Traditional Border Crossing Pass/Card.
    12. As schema bilateral agreement Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA).
  1. I have a kitap, can I enter with my expired MERP?
    You cannot enter with expired MERP. You will have to apply for a new visa or can apply online for an extension or new MERP on
  1. Can I work with visa B211A?
    By law you are not allowed to work in Indonesia either self-employed nor for a foreign employer while on a B211 visa. When caught you will be deported and blacklisted.
  1. How much fund I have to show as a proof for visa B211A application?
    The immigration required available fund of USD 10.000 on the bank account as a proof to be able to pay the stay of up to six months for visa application index b211a. This not applied for visa purposes medical assistance and support, food and humanitarian reasons, the crew of the conveyance and the temporary stay visa.
  1. What are the requirements for the e-visa application?
    * A valid passport.
    * A proof of a valid health/travel insurance.
    * A health certificate (in English).
    * Sign the required statement (quarantine, monitoring and medical costs at own cost).
    * Address information in Indonesia.
  1. What are requirements to enter Indonesia besides the valid new visa or vitas?
    * Valid passport (valid 12 months for B211A, 18 months for VITAS)
    * Printed eVISA
    * Printed PCR negative result
    * Fill in eHAC form on and printed, it also exist in app on your phone
    * Fill out / sign health check / statement letter at arrival (consent to self-isolate 14 days at home)
    * Health or Travel Insurance covering COVID-19 (B211A visa)
    * Return or onward flight confirmation (B211A visa)
  1. Do I need to do a quarantine even if I am already vaccinated?
    Quarantine is mandatory at the recommended hotel, there are currently no special guidelines or regulations in place allowing visas to be issued to travelers with Covid19 vaccinations or to allow vaccinated travelers with visas to skip the quarantine.  Vaccinated travelers also still need to show a negative PCR test before boarding.
  1. What exactly are the quarantine rules?
  • Everyone arriving in Indonesia (foreigners and Indonesians) need to quarantine for 5 full days + two extra PCR tests (one on arrival and one after five days quarantine).
  • At the airport you will be directed to get on a bus to your designated hotel. Some passengers have been able to pre-book their hotel and private pickup, some have been able to choose the hotel at the airport, others were given no choice in hotel.
  • Foreigners must pay expenses for the hotel + two extra PCR tests. See below for the list recommended hotel for quarantine in Jakarta and Bali.
  • Tests are 800.000 IDR per test and two tests per person are required. Children and babies must also be tested.
  1. Rules about the hotel where I must quarantine, what can I do or what can I not do?
  • General instructions are that you may not pre-book, however, some people have reported booking at the 5-Star hotels on the list. If you have managed to pre-book, print out the confirmation and carry it with you.
  • The general rule is one person per room, although married couples may share a room (travel with a copy of your marriage certificate).
  • Families with one child (father-mother-child) can share one room in some of the hotels.
  • Families with more than one child will get an additional room.
  • The hotels and hallways are monitored by CCTV and guards, and you may not leave your room for 5 days.
  • Food (3 times per day) is included in the room price and will be brought to your room daily. Some hotels facilitate food delivery services such as Go Food.
  • Transport to/from the hotel/airport is included.
10.  What happens after my 5 days of quarantine?
  • When your last test (taken day 5) is negative, you will get a signed, stamped letter stating you are released and can book your onward travel
  • You are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days at your end destination.
11. What to expect for Quarantine?
  • After you pass the Health Check, Immigration, and retrieve your luggage, you can exit the terminal. You will find a number of buses outside from each quarantine hotel.  Arriving passengers say they are free to choose which hotel’s bus to board, but make sure it is an authorized quarantine hotel — there were reports non-authorized hotels have been sending buses to the airport and recruiting “guests,” although these reports are fewer now.  These hotels have no working relationship with the Ministry of Health and cannot provide a Health Clearance and Travel Authorization at the end of your quarantine. You will have to repeat the entire quarantine at an authorized hotel before you can fly.
  • If you find yourself at a hotel NOT listed in the recommended hotel list, ask them to clearly demonstrate they are a certified quarantine hotel. a)  Ask to speak with the representative from the Ministry of Health (all certified hotels have one) b) Ask to see their agreement with the testing laboratory and a testing schedule c) Ask to see an example of the Health Certificate and Surat Jalan they will issue upon completion of your quarantine (all airlines require this). 
  • If they can NOT demonstrate they are a certified quarantine hotel, you should lodge a formal complaint and change hotels immediately. Your quarantine period does not start until you are checked in to a certified quarantine hotel/facility.

The rule change frequently and there can be inconsistencies between the rules, you should confirm all your arrangements.

Other sources of information you can find below:

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  2. Immigration website of Indonesia:
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