Below the list of Indeks Visa FOR INDONESIA according to the Visa Classification Nr. M.HH-02.GR.01.04 Year 2023.

Single Entry Visit Visa:

211A- Single entry tourist
B1- Tourist (Visa on Arrival)
B3 – Medical Care (Visa on Arrival)
C3 – Single entry
C6 – Social
C6A – Humanitarian Aid
C6B – Voluntary Program
B2- Business  (Visa on Arrival)
C2 – Business Single entry
B4 – Governmental Affairs ( Visa On Arrival)
C4 – Governmental Affairs
211A – Pre Investment
C12 – Pre Investment
C11- Exhibitors
C10A – Religious Preachers
C15- People in Emergency Needs
C16- Counseling and training on innovation in technology industry
C17 – Quality Control Audit, or Inspection of company branches in Indonesia
C18 – Foreign Labor Candidates
C19 – After-sales Service
C20 – Installing and Repairing Machines
C15 – Journalist
C14 – Filming
C7 – General Art Performer Visa and
C7A Crew – Music Player
C7B – Music Player Crew
C8A – Sports Visa
C8B – Official Sports Visa
E29 – Research Activities
C9 – Short Course
C9A – Religious Short Course
C9B – Indonesian Short Course
C23A – Academic Internship
C22B – Corporate Internship
C21 – Attend Judicial Proceedings
C13 – Join ship

Multiple Entry Visit Visa:
D1-  Multiple entry tourist ( 5 years)
D1-  Multiple entry tourist ( 2 years)
D1-  Multiple entry tourist ( 1 year)
D3 –  Multiple entry medical purpose ( 2 years)
D3 –  Multiple entry medical purpose ( 1 years)
D2 – Business visa Multiple entry ( 5 years)
D2 – Business visa Multiple entry ( 2 years)
D2 – Business visa Multiple entry ( 1 year)
D4 –  Multiple entry government ( 2 years)
D4 –  Multiple entry government ( 1 year)
D12 – Pre Investment Multiple entry (2 years)
D12 – Pre Investment Multiple entry (1 year)
D14 – Filming Visa Multiple entry (2 years)
D14 – Filming Visa Multiple entry (1 year)

Stay Permit Visa:
E31A- Married to Indonesian spouse
E31B – Married to Stay Permit Visa holder
E31E- Child Visa
E28F- Corporate Investors (BOD or BOC) who will establish a branch or subsidiary in Nusantara Capital City (NCC)
E28 – Individual Investor (Company Establish)
E28C – Individual Investor (Purchase of Indonesian Government Bonds or Indonesian Company Shares)
E33A – Global talent invited by the government
E33B – Global Talents Collaborating with Government
E31H – Parental Visa
E33E – Elderly Visa
E32B – Descendants of Former Indonesian Citizens
E32A – Visa Ex-Indonesian
E32C – EX Bahasa Indonesia 2 years
E32D – EX Bahasa Indonesia 1 year
E33 – Second Home Visa
E23 – Working
E33G – Long Distance Worker Visa
E30A – Student Visa
E30B – Bachelor Degree Visa
E30C- Master’s Degree Visa
E30D – Doctoral Degree Visa
E33F – Retirement Visa
E35A – Work and holiday visa for Australian citizens

Please apply for a visa according to the purpose of your activities in Indonesia. Discrepancies in the use of visas and activities may be criminally imposed as stipulated in articles 118 and 123 of Law No. 6 of 2011 on immigration. Criminal provisions may ensnare guarantors and/or foreigners