1. Visit Visa

The single-entry visit visas of Indonesia are classed as:

B211A – among others: urgent and necessary work, social, family, tourism, government, non-competitive sport, short training course, business talks, to join with a a ship or aircraft in Indonesia, purchase goods, give lecture or attend seminar, international exhibition, attend a meeting in an office of your company in Indonesia, art and culture.

B211B – among others: industrial process improvement for Indonesian companies, quality control, candidate for foreign employee. Plus everything allowed under B211A.

B211C – among others: for working as a journalist/film maker; no work permit is required. Allows also activities in B211A

Multiple-entry visit visa:

D212 is similar to B211A; family, business, government.

  1. Visa on Arrival


B213 activities similar to B211A

  1. Temporary Stay Visa

C311: working visa for experts WTO.

C312: working visa.

C313: Investor visa validity 1 year, PMA (not for working).

C314: Investor visa validity 2 years, PMA (not for working).

C315: training and research (not for working).

C316: Students (not for working).

C317: Family reunion (not for working).

C318: For x Indonesian (repatriation), not for working.

C319: For elderly who wants to retired in Indonesia (not for working).

C320: for holiday and working (only for the country which have agreement with Indonesia).

Please apply for a visa according to the purpose of your activities in Indonesia. Discrepancies in the use of visas and activities may be criminally imposed as stipulated in articles 118 and 123 of Law No. 6 of 2011 on immigration. Criminal provisions may ensnare guarantors and/or foreigners.