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  • bali virtual office

    Bali Virtual Business Address

    Rp 4,950,000 Add to cart

    Virtual Office with access to meeting room on demand and desk space during office hours.

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    Cleaning Service

    Rp 800,000 Add to cart

    Cleaning service for your property, 4x4h per month. Service area is Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. Price include material and cleaning product.

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    Financial Report

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    Financial report is reports that record and summarize all financial transactions carried out in a business in a certain period.
    For Micro, small and medium company we provide service to make the necessary financial reports:
    Balance, Income statement, Cash flow statement and Equity Statement.

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    LKPM Report

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  • Document Service

    PBG (Building Approval)

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    Trademark Registration

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  • Company Service

    Yearly tax report 1771

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    Calculating the UMKM tax; the gross income each month, then multiply the rate by 0.5%. It must be paid on the 15th of the following month for the monthly report. This is the same as MSME taxpayers who had registered by July 2018.
    1771 is yearly report and it must be reported no later than 30th of April every year.